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Secure email transfers rely not only on the security of the connection between the mail client (email program) and the email server (or a secure webmail site in the browser), but also on secure connections between servers. Many popular and often free email services offer secure end user interfaces, but neglect to also secure the back end. That means that emails sent to or from the service's mail servers are transmitted in plain text. While this probably doesn't matter much for most people, it is the equivalent of keeping the mailbox at home secured with a double-lock, but only sending and receiving postcards that everyone along the way would be able to read. To secure the server to server transfer of emails, the provider needs to enable a technology called Transport Layer Security (TLS). Using this requires more processing power and bandwidth than plain text emails, which is why a lot of providers try to save a bit of money by not enabling this feature.
If you enter your email address (or that of someone you want to send email to) in the form below, this service will be able to tell you if the servers for that email address support the security features necessary to receive email securely. You still need to make sure that the email provider you're sending your email from makes use of the feature if it is available at the other end. By the way, we do not store the email address you enter, but if you do not trust us, just enter something random before the @ sign.

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