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Postal Error Code E421


No forwarding address was provided. QE41 Invalid Postal Code The value contains a Canadian Postal Code that is not valid. PE05 Bad Prefix/Prefix +1 The phone prefix or first 7-digits do not exist in our database. This is returned only when getting the results for a column with a data type set as DataTypeZipOrPostalCode. weblink

FS06 Stock Ticker Match A match was found for the input stock ticker. The lookup record suppressed a source record. SE22 Long JobID JobID cannot contain over 50 characters. Don't mix up with the second Fischbach in the region of Mersch /  Luxembourg-City, to avoid any confusions, put the postal code 9749 in your navigation system . http://www.moveupdate.com/codes.htm

Ncoa Return Codes

Please contact your sales representative. PC Profiler ............................ PS05 Database Expired The phone database is expired. PE03 Bad Phone Number The phone number has too many or too few digits.

Address must have at least one address line and also the postal code or the locality/administrative area. David Debtor, 123 N Main Apt 4, PATown PA 19403 E425 Suffix & directional needed, input wrong or missing The ZIP4 directory indicates that both a suffix and a directional are ES21 Verify Mailbox (Confidence: Medium) The mailbox was found to be already validated in our mailbox database. Ncoa Error Codes CM21 Conflicting Directions The address could not be updated due to multiple matches.

Please try the request again. CM14 Gender Conflict The COA could not be matched because the gender of the name on the input record conflicts with the gender of the name on the COA record. DA Personator - Verify ........ recommended you read E501 Foreign†† The address is not within the domestic United States, territories, or possessions.

RS, RE SmartMover ................... Usps Error Codes AE15 Demo Mode Limited to Demo Mode operation. This is possibly due to: demo mode, expired data, or an expired license. ES05 Disposable Domain The domain name of the submitted email was identified as a disposable domain.

Coa Match Flag Codes

WSE29 Invalid Characters in JobID , non-printing characters or spaces. WSE33 Broker PAF Expired Broker PAF expired. Ncoa Return Codes DA01 City/State Append from Phone A city or state was appended from a phone number wire center. Ncoa Match Flag Codes A match cannot be made because the first name on the COA was truncated and the middle names must be equal in order to make this match.

All rights reserved. have a peek at these guys WSE26 CustomerID Invalid The customerID is not valid, the customerID is not enabled, or the customer's PAF is not on file. This code is used by the vendor to identify the error caused. WSE28 JobID Too Long The JobID cannot contain over 50 characters. Ncoa Move Type Codes

It can also be caused if your computer is recovered from a virus or adware/spyware attack or by an improper shutdown of the computer. VS01 Historical Address Match The current address is outdated and a newer address match was found. VR04 Address and Phone Match The address and phone match. http://ismymailsecure.com/error-code/postal-error-code-e601.html GS05 Geocoded to Rooftop Level The record was geocoded down to the rooftop level.

QS02 NULL Value The value is NULL. Cass Return Codes GE52 Out of Region The submitted latitude/longitude was not in the U.S. GE24 Demographics Not Activated The Demographics package was requested but is not active for the Customer ID.

MS04 Record Suppressed SSIS Only.

SE27 NO PAFID Match The PAFID does not match. AC15 Double Dependent Locality Change The double dependent locality was added or changed. EE04 Invalid Mailbox An invalid mailbox was detected (i.e. Dpv Codes The source record was suppressed.

AE06 Early Warning System US Only. There is not enough information available in the address to break the tie between multiple records. GS03 Geocoded to Community Level The record was coded to the community level (ZIP centroid for US, 3-digit postal code for CA). http://ismymailsecure.com/error-code/pol-error-code-6002.html Phone / Global Phone PS Code Short Description Long Description PS01 Full Match The phone number has been verified as valid.

WSC00 Internal Configuration Error Your request could not be processed due to an unexpected internal configuration error. WSE13 Requesting Record Range Exceeded Requesting records must in the range of 1 and 500. These addresses include a Private Mail Box (PMB or #) number. AE09 Sub Premise Number Missing The thoroughfare (street address) was found but the sub premise (suite) was missing.

AE04 Non-Deliverable Address US Only. SE19 Invalid Link Invalid link. SE28 No PAFID The under broker customer required a PAFID. The record doesn't include a ZIP Code, so no look-up in the ZCF directory is possible.

FS03 MAK Match A match was found for the input MAK (Melissa Address Key) FS04 Address Match A match was found for the input address. This requires individual name matching logic to obtain a match and the individual names did not match. Reverse GeoCoder R-GS Code Short Description Long Description GS07 Records Found The service successfully reverse geocoded the input coordinates and returned addresses. Generated Mon, 24 Oct 2016 10:47:07 GMT by s_wx1157 (squid/3.5.20)

Express Entry XS Code Short Description Long Description XS01 Complete Result Set Returned The search was completed and the complete result set was returned. CM15 Cannot Convert Address The COA was found but the new address would not convert at run time. We recommend proceeding with caution if emailing numerous records to this mail domain. YC Code Short Description Long Description YCXX Count Reporting Reports back "XX" number of records found during lookup.

YS, YE, YC Reverse GeoCoder .... SE Code Short Description Long Description SE00 Unexpected Error Your request could not be processed due to an unexpected error. PS10 Residential Number The phone number belongs to a residence. CM17 Secondary Discrepancy The COA could not be matched because there is conflicting secondary information on the input and COA record or the input record contained secondary information and matched to

MS03 Is Duplicate The record matched other records and was tagged as a duplicate.