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Pos Communication Error


This option enables you to customize the receipt to a high degree by supplying elements for various locations. Note: If the Ethernet connection was lost after the last transaction was performed, this icon will not appear until most of the information for the new transaction has been entered. General transaction elements like amount, and currency are required. Original Amount originalAmountValue (A) originalAmountCurrency (A) Amount, currency provided to the Adyen App and sent to the terminal when starting the tender.

PspReference1 Defines the folder where, amongst others, log files, and the database will be created. Audience This manual targets merchants who want to integrate and benefit from Adyen's Point Of Sale payment solution. Location (default = AH) Column 1 (default left-aligned) Column 2 (right-aligned) Formatting and line-break BH, AH (default), BF, AF Text for first column Text for second column C, B and \n Check the card (or Card number) then: If the READY screen appears, retry the transaction. Continued

Credit Card Machine Error Codes

Follow the call menu prompts for Technical Assistance. CANCELLED RETURN TO CLERK Top of page The cardholder has pressed the Can/Ann key during the cardholder prompts. - Ask the cardholder to return the terminal. - Press OK to display If the response is AskGratuity0, the POS system is successfully registered and authenticated, it can board PEDs and perform transactions. The terminal returns to the Bonus Offer menu screen.

Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Privacy Policy. To be presented in case of disputes. ResponseAskGratuity5 Name Description AskGratuity4 Queried for the result of the App registration. Ebt Declined Codes OPTION NOT AVAILABLE Top of page The Admin code entered does not exist or the function has not been configured on this terminal.

This comes from the Chip itself. Pos Error Codes Open the printer and check that: - there is paper in the printer - the paper feed is clear. - the paper roll is seated correctly. The entire set of receipt order lines are passed to the Adyen app via the TenderAdditionalData2 parameter and the order in which lines are passed is retained per location. Response shopperEmail6 TheshopperEmail5can be queried for the result of the PED registration.

would be needed before I could possibly do more than say "Call the printer company tech support" they have a entire manual designed to trick you into giving details. Ebt Declined Reason 51 This may be any string, but it must be present. Internal_Device_Unauthorised Internal_Device_ServerError Internal_Device_UnableToStoreConfiguration Internal_Device_UsernameTokenRequired Internal_Device_Exception Internal_Psp_Unauthorised Internal_Psp_ServerError Internal_Psp_Exception Internal_Psp_UnableToStoreTerminal Internal_Psp_TerminalHasNoConfiguration Internal_Psp_AppIdIsEmptyOrNull Internal_Psp_AppIdContainsInvalidCharacters Internal_Psp_TerminalNotOwned Internal_Psp_TerminalIdNotSpecified Internal_Psp_UserHasInsufficientPermissions Internal_Psp_InvalidMerchantAccountInRequest Internal_Psp_MerchantHasInvalidCompanyAccount Internal_Psp_AppNotRegistered Internal_Psp_OnlyCompanyAccountUsersAllowed Internal_Psp_UnconfiguredTerminals Internal_Psp_UnableToConstructConfiguration Internal_Psp_ConfigurationTooBigForTerminal Internal_Psp_UnableToUpdateConfiguration Internal_Psp_InvalidMerchant Internal_Psp_UnableToBoardWithoutToken Internal_Psp_CouldNotGetTerminalConfigForBoarding Internal_Psp_TerminalConfigurationMismatch Internal_Lib_Exception Internal_Lib_Unmatched Sale transaction Base64-encoding for Android with intent.puExtra intent.putExtra("receiptOrderLines", Base64.encodeToString(receiptOrderLines Base64.getBytes(),Base64.DEFAULT)); Receipt The result of this example, as printed on the receipt from an iOS device: Failures: Decline, Cancellation and Error Codes Failure

Pos Error Codes

NO LINE DETECTED Top of page The terminal cannot detect an available communications line so will not begin communicating. https://www.chasepaymentech.com/terminal_help_for_merchants.html A capture notification is sent to the merchant system, and it can be used as a fallback for the final transaction status. Credit Card Machine Error Codes Enums Fixed values (result, state, and error codes) are represented by enums. Pos Terminal Error Codes Code example RegisterAppRequest registerAppRequest = new RegisterAppRequest(MerchantAccount, Username, Password); PaymentPlatform.Current.StartRegisterApp(registerAppRequest, this.RegisterAppFinishedCallbackHandler); Retrieving the app information Class Name Description createTender7 Class that implements all payment platform functionality.

PIN TRIES EXCEEDED REMOVE CARD Top of page The cardholder keyed in an incorrect PIN too many times in a row for this transaction. To ensure proper handling of the data the ShowScreen9 string needs to be base64 encoded. Example: 'VX820-325272920'. If you use the iTerminal professional payments solution or the OrbitalĀ® Virtual Terminal interface, it should be visible on the screen. Ebt Error Codes

Contact the Moneris Merchant Service Centre for assistance. Ask for another card (e.g. The time must be entered in the HHMM format and must be a valid time (HH must be from 00 to 23 and MM must be from 00 to 59.) Check SYSTEM PROBLEM SECURITY LIMIT PLEASE RETRY Top of page The terminal limits the number of PINs that can be entered in a specific time frame.

Payment platform The main namespace of the payment platform isShowScreen5. Why Was My Ebt Card Declined Troubleshooting Step 1) Make sure the Micros server is turned on. Can't Read Certific File!

A manual SAF Upload transaction should be performed as soon as possible. = SAF Log is 100% Full This symbol appears in top left corner of the terminal display when

Try keying in another terminal name. Methods Name Description ShowScreen2 Initializes the payment platform, and starts background tasks. Reasons such as off-topic, duplicates, flames, illegal, vulgar, or students posting their homework. Food Stamps Declined Reason 51 Try to re-initialize again.

The Adyen App provides a number of elements along with the result. DCC is not guaranteed to generate a proper receipt if the merchant prints the receipt (ie the terminal does not print the receipt). If there is an error while processing the transaction the following pairs of values can appear to inform the Cash Register of details of the Error: errorCode errorMessage 0 Unknown error Not all VoIP services are compatible with stand-alone POS devices.

Windows Integration last update Version Date Changes 5 2016-8-15 Updated to include information from v 1.2 Version Date Changes 5 2016-8-15 Updated to include information from v 1.2 4.0.1 2015-10-23 Updated About Advertising Privacy Terms Help Sitemap × Join millions of IT pros like you Log in to Spiceworks Reset community password Agree to Terms of Service Connect with Or Sign up Example: '*******1474'. If the SWIPE OR INSERT CARD prompt appears: - re-insert the chip card to retry the transaction.

Wait a moment then retry the upload. shopperReference0 PED printer width. Step 4) Check the free diskspace on the database drive. Each of the callbacks that require a response implements its own Request Objects when there is an exchange of information between the DLL and the POS App.

I tried to remain child-like, all I achieved was childish. RES 3700 - System Closed 9700 - Error: Printer System error / IP printer er... The terminal may automatically attempt another initialization or may simply return to the READY screen. Remove the chip card from the chip card reader.

Alphanumerical (urlencoded) (R) callback startActivityForResult Transaction Options Specifies additional processing options for the payment.There are four options available; Additional Data for Loyalty usage and Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC, requires additional set-up),