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Please re-enable the logical drive either viathe HP Array Configuration Utility or by power cycling the MSA chassis.

Page 137 of the MSA chassis. Page 59 •Contact HP Service if the issue persists246– IMPORTANT: The system has exceeded the amount of available Option ROMspace....The Option ROM for one or more devices cannot be executed.Action: Disable Page 43 Memory found on unpopulated Node. — Processor is required to be installed formemory to be used.Description: The system detects DIMMs, but is unable to use the DIMMs because a values:••“The party data does not match the data drives.““”Message Id: 24676Severity: InformationalLog message: Surface analysis has repaired an inconsistent stripe on logical drive.

Page 127 Severity: InformationalLog message: An error http://h20565.www2.hpe.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?sp4ts.oid=502439&docId=emr_na-c01702138&docLocale=en_US

Page 26 System Board is Unable to Identify which Slots the Controllers are inDescription: The slot indicator on the system board is not working correctly. Page 108 •QUEUE_FULL_ON_ZERO - Drive indicates that its queue is full when we have norequests outstanding to the drive.•SMART_ERROR_REPORTED - Drive has reported a predictive-failure error whencontroller is configured to automatically If the problem persists, contact HP support ("HP contact information" on page393).Controller State: The controller cannot be configured. Firmware recognizes bothcontrollers as being installed in the same slot.Action:1.Be sure both controllers are fully seated in their slots.If the problem persists, this might indicate a controller problem or a system

Data in array accelerator has been lost.Action:1.Verify the integrity of the data stored on the drive. Please try the request again. The system configuration has changed since the last boot(addition of a hard drive, for example) or a loss of power to the real-time clock has occurred. Page 53 207-Invalid Memory Configuration - Mismatched DIMMs within DIMM BankAudible Beeps: 1 long, 1 shortPossible Cause: Installed DIMMs in the same bank are of different sizes.Action: Install correctly matched DIMMs.207-Invalid

Page 22 3.Restart the system.4.If the problem persists, replace the cables and connectors as needed.SCSI Port X, Drive ID Y RIS Copies Within This Drive Do Not MatchDescription: The copies of Please checkthis data path and the associated hardware.

Page 144 Log message: The external Smart Array controller located in the MSA chassis labeledas has reported that box connected to port It turned out that the scsi cable was damaged (visibly in our case). http://h20564.www2.hpe.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c00877589&sp4ts.oid=466290 This document is intended for the person who installs, administers, and troubleshoots servers or server blades.

Page 17 Identify Logical Drive Data did not Match with NVRAMDescription: The identify unit data from the array controller does not match with the information stored inNVRAM. This server does not have and has never had an external storage system (if this is what the message refers to). Page 30 Array Accelerator: The cache is disabled because a capacitor has failed to charge toan acceptable level.Action: Replace the capacitor.Array Accelerator: The cache is disabled because the backup operation to Please check this datapath and the associated hardware.

Page 143 Severity: WarningLog message: The external Smart Array controller located in the MSA chassis labeledas has reported that a SAS link

For more information, see the Intel website(http://www.intel.com).Unsupported DIMM(s) found in system. - DIMM(s) may not be usedDescription: Unsupported memory types found in system. http://systemmanager.ru/c00724721.en/39497.htm This document is intended for the person who installs, administers,and troubleshoots servers or server blades. Booting Backup ROM. -......run ROMPAQ to correct error conditionAudible Beeps: NonePossible Cause: The primary system ROM is corrupt. Page 8 IntroductionOverviewThis guide is part of a two volume set.

However, this status change will not occur untilthe logical drive is re-enabled. this content Page 10 Accelerator Status: Cache was Automatically Configured During Last ControllerResetDescription: Cache board was replaced with one of a different size.Action: No action is required.Accelerator Status: Data in the Cache was Page 27 Description: ADU requested the identify controller data from the controller, but was unable to obtain it. But after this the server booted normaly.

However, this is not mentioned in the release notes. Please check the cabling and ensure that asupported configuration is being used.

Page 119 Message identifiers 24625-24649Message Id: 24625Severity: InformationalLog message: Fan number is reporting that it is now operational. Page 95 Blue Screen Trap: Cause [NT]......Kernel Panic: Cause [UNIX]Abnormal Program Termination: Cause [NetWare]Event Type: System lockupAction: Refer to the operating system documentation.Corrected Memory Error Threshold Passed (Slot X, MemoryModule Y)...... http://ismymailsecure.com/post-error/post-error-1784-drive-array-drive-failure.html Use these messages to troubleshoot and optimize theoperation of your HP equipment.

DESCRIPTION indicates the nature of the event and all recorded details. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Page 49 Possible cause: One or more 800-MHz front side bus speed processors have been initialized at 667-MHz.Action:CAUTION: Before removing or replacing any processors, be sure to follow the guidelinesprovided in

Disregard theaudible beeps information if the server falls into this category.

Page 65 3.If the problem persists, replace the failed fans.1611-Fan x Not Present (Fan Zone CPU)Audible Beeps: 2 shortPossible Cause: Required fan is not installed or spinning.Action:1.Check the fans to be Page 24 Description: One or more fans in the external storage unit have failed.Action: Replace the failed fans.Storage Enclosure on SCSI Bus X Indicated that the Fan Module is Unplugged......SOLUTION: Make LAST_UPDATE indicates the most recent time this event was modified. Check the external ProLiant power switch.

This message does not display if a user has intentionally invalidated the configurationthrough RBSU by erasing NVRAM.WARNING - Resetting Corrupted NVRAMDescription: This informational message displays when the ROM detects that NVRAM Page 69 (no suitable backup found)Audible Beeps: NonePossible Cause: The Bootstrap NVRAM on the specified Smart Array controller is corrupt or invalid.Action:1.Update the controller with the latest firmware version.2.If the problem Then, power down the system and move the drives to theiroriginal positions. http://ismymailsecure.com/post-error/post-error-1797-drive-array-array-accelerator-read-error-occurred.html Page 73 1728-Slot X Drive Array - Abnormal Shut-Down Detected With Write Cache EnabledAudible Beeps: NonePossible Cause: No array accelerator battery backup exists on the array controller, but caching wasenabled.

Generated Mon, 24 Oct 2016 10:40:10 GMT by s_wx1011 (squid/3.5.20) Page 134 •“FAILED”•“NOT CONFIGURED”•“INTERIM RECOVERY MODE”•“READY FOR RECOVERY”•“RECOVERING”•“WRONG PHYSICAL DRIVE REPLACED”•“PHYSICAL DRIVE NOT PROPERLY CONNECTED”•“HARDWARE IS OVERHEATING”•“HARDWARE HAS OVERHEATED”•“EXPANDING”•“NOT YET AVAILABLE”•“QUEUED FOR EXPANSION”•“DISABLED DUE TO SCSI ID CONFLICT”•“EJECTED”•“ERASING”•“UNKNOWN”Message Id: 24711Severity: WarningLog The integrated management log also indicated that there was a problem with de the drive cage... The PHY error threshold hasbeen exceeded for PHY number located on expander number .

The systemwill continue to operate.Action: Confirm that the license agreement in use supports all of the installed processors. HomeChange ViewPrint GET_EVENT_LOG return messages The response includes all of the events recorded, in the order that they occurred. An Unsupported DriveArrangement Was Attempted......SOLUTION: Power down system then move drives back to their original location.Description: One or more physical drives were moved, causing a configuration that is not supported.Action: Move Page 31 Action: Upgrade the controller to the latest firmware.

Page 45 Power Fault Detected in Hot-Plug PCI Slot XAudible Beeps: 2 shortPossible Cause: A PCI-X hot-plug expansion slot was not powered up properly.Action: Reboot the server.Power Supply Solution Not Fully If you believe the system board requires replacement, contact HP Technical Support ("HPcontact information" on page 393) before proceeding.Action: Replace the system board.